Paper cutters cut papers in a neat, precise and professional-looking fashion. They can be broadly divided into two types: manual and electrical. We have the right cutter for your specific application listed here, in our Paper Cutters category.


These functional and simple cutters can cut hundreds of sheets of paper at once and still provide a perfectly clean paper edge. These machines offer the least expensive means to cut stacks of paper all at once.


Guillotine cutters are swing arm type cutters made to cut anything from a single sheet on up to 50 sheets at once. They are flexible enough to work as either a trimmer or as a small stack cutter.


Rotary Trimmers use a rolling blade that moves in a side to side motion cutting through various types of material, including paper, plastic, poster boards, mat boards, foam mounting boards, film, tissue and textiles. Rotary trimmers come in cutting lengths varying from 9-44 inches. In some rotary trimmer models the cutting blade will cut in both directions of movement.

The display exhibition industry, preparing digital media displays, pop-ups, encapsulated posters, and banners, uses these electric trimmers extensively. Electric rotary trimmers can cut paper, plastic, poster boards, mats, plastic film, mounting boards and more. The trimming length these machines can handle range from 26 to 120 inches. The self-adjusting roller head in the electric rotary trimmers can effectively cut any flexible sheet with a thickness of up to 4mm.
Keencut Sabre Series 2 General Purpose Cutter
Regular Price: $1,091.00
On Sale For: $949.00
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